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6. The Klaus Murphy Center

This convent building, now known as the the Klaus Murphy Center*, was built in 1966 to replace the original Convent of Mary Immaculate, constructed by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and completed in 1876. A second addition doubling the size of the convent was constructed in 1904. Designed by William Kerr, it was constructed of native stone quarried on the island. The building was regarded as the handsomest educational building in the state of Florida and its loss was the impetus for the current historic preservation laws in the state. Ironically, the state historical marker honoring the building was received in 1962 when its demise had already been determined. The structure was demolished in 1968. Today, the Center accommodates four Sisters of the Holy Spirit whose province is in Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

*Named in honor of two former parishioners whose selfless dedication to others helped make this restoration project possible. Fred Klaus and Harold Murphy established a foundation that provides financial support to organization’s whose efforts assist “the poor and needy of Key West, Florida”. the Klaus Murphy Center will enable us to continue a 165 year tradition of service to our community.